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Case studies & Application Notes

Case Study: Increasing yield and safety of a nitration process

Predictive simulations coupling mass & heat transfer
Challenge 40-year old nitration process for the production of an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Highly complex process with low selectivity Need to enhance competitiveness and improve safety Methods...
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Case studies & Application Notes

Case Study: Debottlenecking of an esterification process

Development of a mechanistic model accounting for phase equilibria (G/L/S)
Challenge Established process (> 40 years) for the production of an ester Debottlenecking Improving economics (OpEx) while minimizing investment Methods Identification of the reaction pathway thanks...
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Building a mechanistic model, guidelines and benefits with a focus on enzymatic reactions.

Presented by Yohann Le Guennec and Airy Tilland
Mechanistic models have provided great outcomes for chemical processes development and optimization in the last decades. However, their underlying equations sometimes appear as cryptic for non-initiated people, which limits their acceptance and use...
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