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Application of ion-exchange to the purification of multivalent isomers: modeling and simulation

Presented by Lucrèce Nicoud
Ion exchange has been extensively used for many purposes in the medical and pharmaceutical industries over the years. This webinar will present an industrial case study, namely the purification of an amino-glycoside antibiotic produced by fermentation...
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Antibiotics purification by ion-exchange

The power of mechanistic modeling and predictive simulation
  Sometimes you have to change a raw material for various reasons (lack of availability, economic pressure, find alternative sustainable raw material), but this little change can impact significantly your process. In the below article, you’ll...
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NEW ARTICLE – Fareva and Ypso-Facto investigate the purification of an antibiotic by ion-exchange

Using Mechanistic Modeling for Understanding Antibiotics Purification with Ion Exchange Chromatography
This article is based on a real industrial purification process by Fareva and highlights the power of mechanistic modeling for process development: Our client needed to change a raw material to secure his supply chain. From a process point of...
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