Our team of experts

Our team of experts in biochemistry, process, modeling and software development

The founder of Ypso-Facto, Roger-Marc Nicoud, has surrounded himself with valuable people having different skills, experiences and cultures and sharing the same passion.
Discover the background of Roger-Marc Nicoud.

Ypso-Facto gathers highly qualified professionals in chemistry, biotechnology, process engineering and software development.

It brings together molecule specialists with simulation experts, industry engineers with scientists with the single shared goal of inventing the best possible processes in an unbiased manner.

It also enjoys close relations with universities, regional research clusters and a network of selected partners.

Via the experience of its leader and its teams, Ypso-Facto has a track record of more than thirty years of experience in developing and operating manufacturing processes, and decades of expertise in academic research.

Ypso-Facto: experts in biochemistry

The team of Ypso-Facto (2024)

Process specialists

Put together, we have developed and operated hundreds of chemical and biochemical processes at renowned companies including pharmaceutical, biopharma, food, industrial biotech, agro, commodities, specialties and fine chemical industries.

We fully understand the technical constraints, the regulations, and other problematics associated with commercial scale manufacturing and we always keep them in mind to provide technically and economically sound solutions.

Biochemists and chemists

All the management team members hold MSc. and/or PhD. degrees in engineering, chemistry and/or biology from renowned universities across the world. Many have worked part of their career in academia, holding post-doctoral, associate researcher or professorship positions. And we keep on writing books and peer reviewed articles on simulation, process development, catalysis, total synthesis and bioprocesses.

Software Developers

Ypso-Facto software developers have a strong background in (bio)chemical engineering and in software design. This allows them to create innovative tools responding to the challenges of the life science sector.

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Ypso-Facto is a service company helping industrial firms to develop, optimize and secure their chemical processes and bioprocesses.

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