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Our software tools for your (bio)chemical processes

“Many are convinced that the life sciences industries will evolve towards more digitally designed processes associating experiments, user’s know-how and mechanistic modeling. Instead of thinking about it… we did it.”

Our ambition is to disrupt the way pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnological processes are developed and assessed.

We listened to the industry players:

  • “An important step would be the availability of a costing tool. So far, nothing is organized, everything is Excel Do-It-Yourself.”
  • “We spend more money on trying to understand what our collaborators or CMOs did than on actually producing something”
  • “A major requirement is to be able to compare processes with various levels of process details, from the simplest to the most complicated.”
  • “We need a tool to avoid information losses, double typing and mistakes in calculations.”
  • “We are tired with lengthy and useless DoEs”
  • “Mechanistic modelling is too complex too be used … if available”

...and took the challenge!

After a deep dive in the needs of the different stakeholders and 6 years of hard work, we got the tools allowing to drive the chemical and bio-chemical processes development into “a new era”.

Get to know more about our “of the shelf” solutions

proxima Software

Ypso-Proxima ®

The collaborative software suite for (bio)chemical process development, optimization and evaluation for life science industries.
For more information, visit our process evaluation software section.

ionic Software

Ypso-Ionic ®

The liquid chromatography and ion-exchange processes simulation software, based on mechanistic modeling.
For more information, visit our Ion Exchange processes software website.


Your business is unique and we know that, sometimes, projects do not tick the standard box! This is the reason why we develop tailor-made applications to meet your specific needs and to connect our software to your pre-existing IT streams.

Our team is also at your service to install the software, to get started with appropriate training and to support you along your project life cycle.

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GPX® Concept - In order to address your challenges, we capitalize on 3 complementary means:

  • Guess- the ability of the experts to propose, anticipate, imagine… some routes or performances
  • Predictive Simulation – for a better understanding of your process to anticipate issues and make rational decisions
  • eXperimental data – the hard foundation of the project, which needs to be well targeted, structured and analyzed.

GPX concept

Ypso-Facto is a service company helping industrial firms to develop, optimize and secure their chemical processes and bioprocesses.

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