Proxima, our software suite for (bio)chemical process

Our ambition is to revolutionize the way pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnological processes are developed and assessed.

We listened to the industry players:

  • “An important step would be the availability of a costing tool. So far, nothing is organized, everything is Excel Do-It-Yourself.”
  • “We spend more money on trying to understand what our collaborators or CMOs did than on actually producing something”
  • “A major requirement is to be able to compare processes with various levels of process details, from the simplest to the most complicated.”
  • “We need a tool to avoid information losses, double typing and mistakes in calculations.”
  • “We are tired with lengthy and useless DoEs”
  • “Mechanistic modelling is too complex too be used … if available”

...and took the challenge!

After a deep dive in the needs of the different stakeholders and 6 years of hard work, we got the tools allowing to drive the chemical and bio-chemical processes development into “a new era”.

Starting with the name Proxima

Ypso-Proxima® is a collaborative software suite for (bio)chemical process development, optimization and evaluation.

  • PROXIMity: Ypso-Proxima® promotes seamless collaboration among various stakeholders. It enables efficient teamwork that is tailored to the dynamic needs of the (bio)chemical industries.
  • aPROXIMAtion: Ypso-Proxima® facilitates informed and rational decision-making, even under the constraints of limited time and insufficient data. It leverages advanced algorithms and predictive modeling to provide users with actionable insights, allowing them to make strategic decisions.

A single software solution to assess the entire chemical and bioprocesses

A software suite with interconnected apps

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GPX® Concept - In order to address your challenges, we capitalize on 3 complementary means:

  • Guess- the ability of the experts to propose, anticipate, imagine… some routes or performances
  • Predictive Simulation – for a better understanding of your process to anticipate issues and make rational decisions
  • eXperimental data – the hard foundation of the project, which needs to be well targeted, structured and analyzed.

GPX concept

Ypso-Facto is a service company helping industrial firms to develop, optimize and secure their chemical processes and bioprocesses.

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