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  • Simulation of chemical and biochemical processes
    Scientific publication
    Read our new article on 'Purification of Protein by HIC : Mechanistic Modeling for Improving Process Optimization' in collaboration with GSK
  • Simulation of chemical and biochemical processes
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    Working in downstream process development, do you want to increase teamwork efficiency? Take a look at our new video!
  • Simulation of chemical and biochemical processes
    New blog article
    Modeling: Mechanistic or Statistical ? Our process development methods are partly based on models which allow to represent and predict result by minimizing experimental burden...
  • Simulation of chemical and biochemical processes
    Why is quality assurance important in software development?
    We investigate industrial processes with (bio)chemist eyes through process engineer glasses
    We assist you from the concept to the production via robust and innovative processes
  • Ypso Facto
    We combine industrial experience with scientific expertise to provide solutions at the cutting edge of science and technology

We develop, optimize and evaluate chemical and bioprocesses

Consulting services combined with simulation software to address your needs

Our mission

Ypso-Facto provides software tools as well as scientific & technical consulting related to chemical and biotechnological processes.

With a complementary know-how in (bio)chemistry, process engineering and software development, we help life science industries to develop, optimize and secure efficient and innovative processes. 

We support your manufacturing strategy from lab to production.

Increase Performances

Reach target performances: yield, purity, productivity…

Preserve Environnement

Minimize your environmental impact: waste reduction…

Make Rational decision

Make rational decision : identify a cost-effective process…

Enable Digitalisation

Drive your chemical and bioprocesses development into “a new era” with our tools.

Our team of experts

Ypso-Facto is a team with complementary expertise in (bio)chemistry, engineering and software development.
We associate a strong industrial experience with a high degree of scientific expertise allowing deep exploration of the challenges to find most suitable solutions. We are proud of having gathered a team offering different skills, experiences and cultures but sharing the same passion!

Ypso-Facto is always looking for dynamic and talented individuals. Contact us if you want to contribute to the adventure!

A synergistic offering


Technical and scientific consulting from short term assistance to long term collaboration.

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A range of software tools developed internally in the frame of our suite Ypso Proxima.

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of International


process evaluations


of activity
linked to chemistry


of revenues
dedicated to research

The GPX® concept

Leveraging three complementary means to address your challenges:

  • Guess – the ability of the experts to propose, anticipate, imagine… some routes or performances
  • Predictive Simulation – for a better understanding of your process to anticipate issues and make rational decisions
  • eXperimental data – the hard foundation of the project, which needs to be well targeted, structured and analyzed.
GPX concept

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Recent News

Ypso-Facto trains the students of ENSAIA on ion exchange chromatography and mechanistic modeling

  • February 28, 2023
As part of our partnership with ENSAIA (National School of Agronomy and Food Industries), Ypso-Facto's teams have been involved...

How to easily extract relevant information and KPIs from your experimental data ?

  • February 02, 2023
Your data is one of your most valuable resources. But without a tool to exploit them in a structured way, you miss information that...


IOPC 2023 : International oligonucleotides and peptides conference

  • February 28, 2023
Ypso-Facto will attend the 4 th  edition of  the  International Oligonucleotides and Peptides Conference – IOPC 202 3  which will take place from  5-7 June 2023, at Milan, Italy.  The IOPC...

Global Bioprocessing Summit & Exhibition

  • February 13, 2023
Ypso-Facto  will attend the Global Bioprocessing Summit & Exhibition , which will take place from  10-12 May 2023, in Berlin, Germany. During the event,   the world's technology leaders, scientists...

Last Publication

Purification of Protein by HIC

  • April 20, 2023
  • by Ypso-Facto
This article outlines how a simple chromatographic model can predict the impact of pH and ionic strength on HIC chromatograms.   Hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC) is a separation technique widely used for the purification of therapeutic proteins. The main leverages identified to operate HIC processes are solution pH and ionic strength. In this article, the authors show that simplistic mathematical models derived from statistical analysis cannot describe the impact of pH and ionic strength observed in HIC processes. A new... Read more

Ypso-Facto is a service company helping industrial firms to develop, optimize and secure their chemical processes and bioprocesses.

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