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Why is quality assurance important in software development?

  • by Ypso-Facto
  • November 30, 2022
Why is quality assurance important in software development?

When using software solutions, you invest your most precious resource: your time. And in return, you expect that it will be profitable at minimal risk, by compounding effects.

This is why at Ypso-Facto our priority is to deliver top quality products that are best-suited for your needs.

This commitment is embodied in 3 ways: a consulting team using our tools daily on real-life projects, a strict Quality Assurance process, and a seasoned support to provide you with the needed assistance and training.


A consulting team

Ypso-Facto provides chemical and process engineering consultancy services on critical projects, and our consultants rely on our latest software solutions for their daily work. It means that they try and test our products on real-life projects and data, before they are released.

Through their requests and comments, our consultants are also the cornerstone of the ideation and continuous improvement of our products and ensure that they are easy to use and in line with customers needs.

By making sure that our consultants are satisfied, we also make sure that our customers will too.


A strict Quality Assurance process

At Ypso-Facto, we do not compromise with quality. Before it is released to our clients, each of our products undergoes a strict Quality Assurance process, divided in 3 stages.

  • On a daily basis, our dedicated Quality Assurance team tests new features and patches through integration test, making sure that all specifications are properly, without side effects.
  • Then, each release is verified by our QA team before being deployed internally to our consultants, via the execution of thorough test plans.
  • Finally, releases undergo Validation tests before being officially released to our clients. At this stage, our product management team mobilizes our consultants to stress-test the product on complex projects and use-cases.

Our QA team is made of both software QA engineers and process engineers. This dual expertise allows them to understand both technical and scientific aspects and provide comprehensive testing. Besides, our QA team is certified by the [International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB)], an internationally recognized organization that certifies a high level in software testing practices.


A support team at your service

Client satisfaction is our priority…Hence testing of our software solutions is entirely part of our commitment to provide high quality and reliable products to our customers. And this dedication continues even after our clients have bought our solutions.

To this end, Ypso-Facto has set up a support team to assist our customers with our software tools usage from the very beginning and along the long run. They provide getting started training sessions, but also more advanced training adapted to the unique needs of each client, and are available to assist our customers through project support, guidance, or simply on-demand assistance.

« Novasep was involved in the development of Proxima as a Joint Application Development partner. [...] Besides, a special word for the Ypso Facto Team of engineers and developers who is very responsive in providing suitable and relevant solutions.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Magali ARNAUD, Industrialization Engineer, Novasep Pharma Solutions

Author: Julien Beaudaux

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