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Sanofi's experience with mechanistic modeling and Ypso-Ionic

  • by Ypso-Facto
  • June 05, 2024

Mechanistic models offer a robust alternative to traditional statistical methods because they require fewer experimental data and provide superior predictive capabilities, even outside of the conditions studied experimentally.

We have implemented this method to the purification of complex viral proteins in the frame of our collaboration with Sanofi.

“Sanofi used Ypso-Ionic software to develop a mechanistic model of an ion exchange chromatography purification of a complex protein structure.

The obtained mechanistic model led to freely explore wider range of the operating parameters to build a large design space, to improve our process knowledge and also to be able to optimize such step in an innovative way.

The experimental workload required was lower than the one linked to the classical statistical approach in regard of all the parameters considered by such a mechanistic model.”

Eric Forma, Principal Scientist at Sanofi

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