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ChromWorks ™ 2017

Chromworks Software
ChromWorks ™, the chromatographic simulator made by users for users

  • Easy to use, time-saving software based on robust modeling tools.
  • Quick process design with its pre-configured commercial chromatography systems. 
  • Flexible tool for process development, optimization and troubleshooting.
ChromWorks: functionalities of the chromatographic simulator

Parameters Estimation

Chromworks™ helps you make the best use of your experimental data to design, secure, and optimize purification processes.
You can then fine-tune all your process parameters, get performance, analyze the influence of dead volumes, etc.

Single column systems

Simply define whether you work in isocratic or in gradient mode, whether you perform simple injections or run complex multi-step sequencing.

You will then have the possibility to simulate the influence of the different process parameters on your chromatogram.

Multi-Column Chromatography

Get your design space (the so-called ‘triangle’) in one click. In a second click you simulate a TMB, an SMB or other MCC setups!

Beside the conventional SMB, many commercial MCC set-ups are pre-configured based on publicly available information. This makes comparison between commercial options straightforward.

Short-cut tools for quick process design

Designing a chromatographic process has never been so easy! Whether it comes to designing a single-column process, an SMB (and alike) or a capture process (including continuous multi-column processes), obtain your design in a click.

Simply state your specifications and let ChromWorks do the rest. The process designer tools are based on powerful algorithms that help you find the sweet spot leading to efficient and smart processes.

We support your creativity

We appreciate that your problem may be different and that you have your own ideas. This is the reason why Chromworks gives you the opportunity to define your own process, with custom-made configurations.

With the user defined module, you connect columns in series or in parallel, you close the loop or open it, you perform isocratic or gradient elution ...

Enjoy the toolbox

If you would like to:

  • Extract adsorption or mass transfer data from breakthrough curves
  • Use information gathered in a stirred tank reactor
  • Estimate from scratch a system allowing to deliver the purity or yield which you target
  • Estimate the impact of dead volumes
  • Generate automatic calculation for investigating robustness or preparing your presentations

Then, you will love the toolbox!

YPSO-ChromWorks’ user-friendly toolbox

Typical examples of use

  • Select the best equipment for your separation
  • Create a recipe and optimize a purification process
  • Troubleshooting
  • Train your team on chromatography

Chromatographic Processes: modeling, simulation and design, book by Roger-Marc NicoudThe models used in ChromWorks are thoroughly described in the book: “Chromatographic Processes: modeling, simulation and design” by Roger-Mar Nicoud, 672 pages, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Series in Chemical Engineering (2015)

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