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Contract research

Contract research

Contract research

For addressing projects needing long or complex developments, Ypso-Facto offers research services with a duration varying between a few months to a few years.

Ypso-Facto is able to build and dedicate a project team with the adequate resources and competencies to address your needs.

You want to improve your production process?

We can redesign an existing industrial process!

We will maximize the value generated by the combination of the experience you gained over the years and our specific skills and know-how.

This will allow analyzing your process and the associated constraints from a fresh perspective, based on scientific, industrial and economical expertise.

We will then propose an optimized process with improved performances, evaluate the associated savings and bring you our support for its implementation.

You want to industrialize a synthetic/purification route for your (bio)molecule?

We can do the scale-up and process development!

We can support you to scale-up and industrialize the production of your (bio)molecule.

We will work on the existing route(s), consider the switch to safer technologies and reagents and aim at complying with the latest regulatory requirements as well as minimizing the environmental impact of your production.

You have a target (bio)molecule that you want to manufacture?

We can design and optimize a synthetic route or a purification process

We are also happy to take a project from the early stage of its concept.

After brainstorming and background research, we will evaluate and choose the possible solutions, lead the proof of concept and feasibility studies.

We will then develop and optimize a robust and economical process for your target (bio)molecule using the most suited and effective technologies.

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Contract research steps
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We can manage the building of an industrial demonstrator to prove and test the performances, and make the final leap towards the industrial production unit.

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Ypso-Facto is a service company helping industrial firms to develop, optimize and secure their chemical processes and bioprocesses.

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