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A new era in life sciences software

Ypso-Facto's view on the digitalization of process design

  • by Ypso-Facto
  • November 26, 2018
Life sciences industries still use outdated tools and methodologies to develop, optimise and operate their (bio)molecule production processes. Ypso-Facto proposes to take a fresh look at the needs and expectations of this sector. Read the full article in the last edition of Speciality Chemicals...

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Ypso-Ionic, the software package to simulate ion exchange processes, is available!

This groundbreaking software is set to transform the market for ion exchange process design

  • by Ypso-Facto
  • October 02, 2018
Ypso-Facto, a company specializing in the design of chemical and biotechnological processes, announces today the launch of its software package for the simulation of ion exchange processes, Ypso-Ionic®, which enables industrial users to develop and optimize robust processes efficiently. Ypso-Ionic...

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Ypso-Facto invests an additional €1M in the development of software for the design and evaluation of chemical and biotechnological processes

Nancy (France), July 25th, 2018

  • by Ypso-Facto
  • July 25, 2018
The company received €500k from Bpifrance and the Grand Est Region as part of the ‘Investments for the Future’ program.   Ypso-Facto, a company specializing in the design of chemical and biotechnological processes, announces today an additional investment of €1M for software development...

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Panel discussion on flow chemistry

The insights of Marc-Olivier Simon in Chemistry Today

  • by Ypso-Facto
  • June 13, 2018
"By adopting chemical engineering good practices earlier in process development, a major step forward would be taken" Read the full panel discussion in  Chemistry Today , vol. 36 (3), 2018, pp 26-34

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Streamlining process development with simulation software tools

Interview of Roger-Marc Nicoud in Chemistry Today

  • by Ypso-Facto
  • October 06, 2017
Nowadays process development is generally experiment-based with a traditional trial-and-error approach, direct scale-up and simple use of statistical tools. We are convinced that the fine chemical and biochemical industries will evolve towards more digitally designed processes based on fundamental...

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With YPSO-ChromWorks 2017, designing a chromatographic process has never been so easy!

Cambridge, MA and Nancy, France

  • by Ypso-Facto
  • July 10, 2017
Ypso-Facto is pleased to announce the release of YPSO-ChromWorks TM 2017 , the new version of its leading chromatographic process simulation software. Our Toolbox contains new features to make the data manipulation, the parameter estimation and the process simulation always more intuitive and...

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Ypso-Facto expands its software portfolio for developing chemical and bio-processes

Press-Release / Nancy, France

  • by Ypso-Facto
  • March 01, 2017
Ypso-Facto, a specialist in chemical and biochemical processes offering contract research, consulting and software, announces today that it will launch three new software solutions in 2017. Ypso-Facto is currently developing innovative software for process evaluation. Based on proven technical considerations...

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Appréhender la conception du procédé dans sa globalité pour développer de meilleures solutions (French)

Interview of Roger-Marc Nicoud - Infochimie Magazine

  • by Ypso-Facto
  • February 22, 2017
Créée en 2014, Ypso-Facto aide les industriels de la chimie et des biotechnologies à développer, sécuriser et optimiser leurs procédés. Elle s’appuie sur une équipe disposant d’une forte expérience à la fois industrielle et universitaire pour proposer de manière objective et rigoureuse...

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Ypso-Facto is a service company helping industrial firms to develop, optimize and secure their chemical processes and bioprocesses.

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