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Free webinar on Ion Exchange Processes

27th November, 4 pm (CET)

  • by Ypso-Facto
  • October 17, 2018
Free webinar on Ion Exchange Processes

Ion-exchange chromatography is certainly the most ancient type of chromatography. While M. Tswett is often credited the paternity of chromatography, the first traces of the use of ion-exchange chromatography date back to the Ancient Egypt where it was used to desalt see water. Nowadays, industrial processes based on ion-exchange chromatography can be found in many different sectors from the food industry for sugars softening, to the biopharmaceutical industry for protein purification, to name only a few. While this technology is often considered too complex, industrial success stories proves the opposite.

In this webinar, Dr. Osuna, will speak about ion-exchange chromatography from a modeling point of view and show how and why “ion-exchange” is conceptually different from its cousin “adsorption”. Acido-basic equilibria and complexation reactions taking place in solution strongly impact the exchange mechanism with the charged surfaces thus leading to complex and intricated interactions. Based on the rigorous description of the physical phenomena at stake, predictive models can be derived to explain and quantify experimental observations that would otherwise look mysterious. Mechanistic models provide the deep understanding at the root of a proven and reliable approach to design robust and efficient processes and pave the way towards a successful implementation of ion-exchange chromatography.

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