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WoodChem 2017

Nancy, 6th-7th December 2017

  • by Ypso-Facto
  • November 06, 2017
WoodChem 2017

WoodChem comes to Nancy!

Ypso-Facto will be there, come and attend our conference:

Purification of hemicellulosic hydrolysate - A Rational approach to chromatographic process design

A purification step like chromatography using ion exchange resin, is typically requested to recover the C5 (pentose) and C6 (hexose) sugar fractions.

From experimental chromatogram obtained at laboratory scale, it is possible to use a rational approach based on modeling and simulation to design the best chromatographic process for this separation.

In our presentation, commercial multi-column configurations such as SMB (Simulated Moving Bed), S-SMB (Sequential Simulated Moving Bed) or I-SMB (Improved Simulated Moving Bed) will be compared and their respective advantages and/or drawbacks will be discussed. They will also be compared to an idealized counter-current process called TMB (True Moving Bed). New innovative custom MCC configuration can also be virtually tested.

With this computer-aided modeling approach, process design is rationalized and complex systems are compared with minimal experimental effort, thus replacing the trial and error approach.

More information on WoodChem event website.

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