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Dublin, 19-20th October 2016

  • by Ypso-Facto
  • September 22, 2016

Roger-Marc Nicoud and Margit Holzer propose a workshop on "Continuous Processing – Challenges, Technologies, Processes, Economics & Strategy" and Margit Holzer delivers a presentation entitled "How Process Modeling Tools Can Help You To Speed Up Process Design And Validation; An Illustration Based On A Monoclonal Antibody Capture Step"


For an overview, attend the free webinar:

"How Modelling of Unit Operations can speed up Process Development?"

Wed, Oct 5, 2016 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM CEST


Margit Holzer and David Pfister 
Webinar highlights: 
- Objectives during Bioproduction Process Development; 
- Support of Process Modelling; 
- Case studies: Chromatography Capture Step and Polishing Step; 
- Conclusions and Perspectives.
Key learnings:
- Importance of Modeling & Simulation (M&S) in other industries
- Regulatory background for the use of M&S in the “Pharma” environment
- Methodology to create & use M&S
- How to apply M&S during BioProcess development?
- Case studies of M&S in the field of chromatography

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