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The history of Novasep through the eyes of its founder Roger-Marc Nicoud

  • by Ypso-Facto
  • July 05, 2022
The history of Novasep through the eyes of its founder Roger-Marc Nicoud


In this exclusive document, Roger-Marc Nicoud returns to the saga of Novasep, a group he founded in 1996 but in which he no longer plays any part.

In April 2022, following its purchase by investment company Bridgepoint (financial shareholder of PharmaZell), the French group Novasep merged with the German PharmaZell. This merger of the two companies, regarded as highly complementary in the pharmaceutical active ingredient synthesis sector, has produced a European group with turnover of €500 million and employing more than 2,000 people across ten production and R&D sites of which seven are in Europe, two in India and one in the United States.

While Novasep is no longer flying solo, founder Roger-Marc Nicoud has chosen to take up the pen to describe the company’s journey. From a small preparative chromatography company in 1996, over two decades Novasep metamorphosed into a CDMO serving the global life sciences community. As well as tracing Novasep's history alongside that of the men and women who contributed to it, this story serves to reveal the essence of entrepreneurship. Through his story Roger-Marc Nicoud immerses the reader in the cut-and-thrust of his career, in which the need for vision and risk-taking remain the daily driving forces. “Immediately after leaving Novasep, I spent two intense years writing a book on chromatographic process simulation. Then in 2014 I founded Ypso-Facto. An entrepreneur’s passion does not diminish with time… concluded Roger-Marc Nicoud, whose testimonial may well prove a source of inspiration for would-be entrepreneurs of any age.  

Sylvie Latieule, Editorial Director InfoChimie



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