Ypso Facto

Ypso-Facto is a service company helping industrial firms to develop, optimize and secure their chemical and biochemical processes.

We bring together industrial expertise and scientific openness to offer ‘best-in-class’ services.

We believe that good process skills enable the production and selection of good products. This helps to establish sound strategies.

- Roger-Marc Nicoud, Founder and CEO / Ypso-Facto

Roger-Marc Nicoud, Founder and CEO, Ypso-Facto

Meet the management team

Industrial experience and scientific expertise are the two strands of our DNA. Our management team reflects this synergy: some of us have worked for years developing and operating manufacturing processes, others have decades of expertise in academic research and most of us have experienced the two worlds through their career.

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Technical consulting, software and laboratory services by Ypso-Facto

Discover our services

Ypso-Facto offers technical consulting, software and laboratory services to invent, optimize and secure processes for chemicals and biochemicals. Our unique combination of services is designed to complement one another and provide you with a comprehensive approach to the development and optimization of industrial activities.

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